The world-class Okinawan-bred Wagyu spreads across the country and the world

Okinawan-bred Black Wagyu was brought up in natural environment of Okinawa that are green grass which grew throughout year, rich soil containing abundant mineral and under the brilliant rays of the sun. Farmers carefully raised Black Wagyu while they were paying attention to its safety and comfortableness.
A reputation of meat quality is rich and mellow taste, softness and deliciousness. It will be our pleasure if you try Okinawan-bred Black Wagyu.

Well known Okinawan-bred Wagyu

Ishigaki Gyu

This Wagyu served as main dish at banquet of Okinawa summit in 2000,
and earned great reputation.
This is a special Wagyu that Okinawa boasts to the world.

Motobu Gyu

In 2013, this Black Wagyu won the Best Minister of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries award that was equal to number one in the nation.
This Black Wagyu was raised in ‘Motobu farm’ where located at Motobu peninsula in the north of Okinawa by eating original fermented feed.
The features of this meat are sweetness flavor and fat taste melts in your mouth.

Okinawa Wagyu

This Wagyu that is born and raised in Okinawa is a genuine ‘Uchinaa Product’ (Okinawan Brand).

The Okinawa Agu

The Agu is Okinawa's own and a precious hog.
The pigs which were imported from China around 600 years ago and were continued keeping in Okinawa have been said to be the origin of the 'Agu'. The Agu has been a part of Okinawan food culture for a long time.

A quality of the meat

Agu meat is rated as excellence because it is marbled meat
that has sweetness and umami in the fat as compared to typical pork.

Followings are specific data for fleshy characteristic of the Agu:

  • Compared to the typical pork (LWD), a percentage of marbling (intramuscular fat content) is 5% that is greater than them.
  • The fat melts in your mouth because a melting temperature of the fat (fat melting point) is 38.1 degrees Celsius that is lower than the typical pork.
  • In quality tasting examination, it gets good evaluation about sweetness and umami of the fat along with tenderness of meat.

“MA=SAN meat” is a proof of the quality

A mark called 'MA=SAN seal' can be only used to beef, pork and chicken that have been rearing and producing in Okinawa.
'MA=SAN' is Okinawan dialect meaning 'Delicious'. A wish that everyone can enjoy fresh and delicious Okinawa Prefecture meat is put to this seal.

’MA=SAN meat DEALER’ is here!
This site introduces the restaurants that you can enjoy Okinawan delicious meat.

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